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Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners – 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow

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Easy vegetables to grow at home from seeds – snow & snap peas, carrots, pole beans, corn & zucchini, plus organic vegetable garden tips for beginners – watering, mulching and fertilizer instructions. What should I grow in my vegetable garden? Grow veggies that 1. You Like to Eat, 2. Grow Well in Your Climate, and 3. Fit in the Space You Have Available.
I’ve been growing vegetables in Western Washington for 50 years, and in spite of our cool seasons in the Pacific Northwest, similar to the UK and coastal Northern Europe, I grow abundant crops that keep us in fresh and frozen organic veggies all year round.
Carrots and peas have outstanding flavor and crispness when home grown. Pole beans and zucchini are among the most productive and easy to grow vegetables. Corn takes up more space, but is especially delicious when fresh picked.

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All vegetables taste better and are more nutritious fresh from the garden. This video has vegetable garden tips for beginners and experienced gardeners, and instructions for 5 of my favorite vegetables that are easy to grow at home and fit in a small productive garden.

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