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How to Grow Plants in Arid & Desert Conditions, Behind The Scenes Garden Update Feb 2013

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Behind the scenes in Africa! Have a look into my little world!

This is my jungle garden, when we moved in the garden was bare, have a look at the first video here to compare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UX91x5gw7I
In this video I will walk you around my small garden and show you the various plants that I started from seed which was gathered locally, some is native and some are introduced species. I will also show you our water system that we have to fill 3 times per week, unlike Europe and North America you cannot simply turn on the tap and enjoy as much water as you want. The local government have it run 3 times a week, as soon as you see the dial turn you need to run out to turn on the pump and fill your tank. We are very lucky however in that we also have a 6 stage filter with reverse osmosis and UV light many people unfortunately have to use and drink water not fit for consumption and it carries disease.

It’s a very harsh desert climate and the soil was dust and sand when we moved in so I enriched the soil with imported composted, locally gathered manure and sewage. On top of that we have been adding kitchen waste such as orange and banana peels etc and any leaves or dead flowers that other people throw out. What I am trying to do is create a compost lasagne and encourage as many beneficial insects into my garden as possible such as praying mantis.

Eventually the wires on the top of the garden will be covered with luffa sponge, some legume species and morning glory to create shade and privacy so stay tuned for more videos as the season progresses.

The hardest part of the garden is keeping the patio clean as various dust get’s blown in, but after a hard day cleaning it there is nothing better than to relax out there listen to some African Tribal music you hear in all my videos and enjoy a sprite with strawberry syrup and some fresh mint leaf thrown in.

Hope you enjoy this video, please subscribe and also look at our selection of fresh rare tropical seed that we send from the UK via our Ebay Shop that has been established for over 8 years!

I look forward to any response and would also love to see a video response how YOU are doing in your garden no matter how it looks!

Happy Gardening!


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