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First and Last Houseplant Haul of 2020!? | Indoor Plant Collection

by admin

Hey Plantaholics,

Here I am adding more to my indoor plant collection. This video is about my first houseplant haul of the year… but is it my last?! If you’re crazy about plants like I am, I’m sure you would agree that there is no such thing as ‘last houseplant haul’ ever! LOL. I’ll be honest, I kind of went overboard so far this month. I think it’s because that each passing day we’re getting closer to Spring which is making me super excited and I’m also getting that ‘I need more houseplant itch’. So, whenever I’m out and about running errands, and there’s a plant section or houseplant store nearby, I always just want to ‘check it out’. Unfortunately, checking plants out or just looking around, ends up turning into taking more houseplants home. C’mon, I couldn’t help it. Haha. So, in this video I share with you all some of the cool plants I hauled over back to my house. Everything from a new Calathea, to an exotic Philodendron and Anthurium. A new Ficus, a couple of Tradescantia and more.

Also stay until the end to see Orchid footage I captured at the Orchid show a couple of weeks ago at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Enjoy

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